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Website Promotion Gloucester, I’m not a full time website promotion specialist, but think it is fun. Promoting a web based business is a challenge and different for every company.

What’s good for one company won’t work for another, I like to understand your business before I start. Then I try and understand your customers. I will then work with you to get your on-line presence growing.

I’m quite cautious when it comes to peoples livelihoods and firmly believe in not putting all your eggs in the same basket.

I do the promotion for to following;

  • My other business, I keep myself as busy as I need to be!
  • A collection of websites I have built for fun, these have improved my design skills and developed some effective promotion strategies.
  • Some small building trades company websites for customers in Gloucestershire.
  • A few companies in the gardening industry from gardeners to Garden centres.
  • A pub run by a friend, we built a website but was eclipsed by a great social network strategy.
  • Local entertainers, 1 disco for children which after a few tweaks the site actually got more enquiries than needed.
  • A local magician who was part time at the start of our relationship, now travels nationwide, has performed on TV and is one of the most popular magicians on YouTube.
  • Information sites for people wanting to publish something, one was struggling to find a publisher to convinced to use some material online with pages monetised using adverts, this pays off quite well for both of us and hoping to expand for the new year.

Website Promotion Gloucester – Twitter

One of my most successful activities on Twitter is to use the hash tag hours for different towns or regions to build relationships with locals, get website visitors and then potential customers.  #Hours

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  1. Hi,, I have recently built an on-line shop, and published it to the web at the  beginning of June, So its quite early days yet, I have submitted to various search engines but only a couple of orders thus far, I need help with meta tags, keywords and SEO, are you able to help??  I have linked to our other site Steve

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