SEO & Website Promotion For Gloucestershire Groundwork Company GoGreen Civil Engineering. I have been tasked with the job of doing a bit of promotion for Gloucestershire based Go Green Civil Engineering.

The site needs a bit more of a social media presence so will be setting up Twitter and Facebook accounts and regularly post.

Go Green Currently don’t have Google Local set up so have started the ball rolling on this and registered with a few directories to improve citation for Google local.

Finally have decided to  rewrite the content and titles to better improve the rankings in Google and Bing.

Groundwork Gloucestershire

GoGreen Civil Engineering Review 6 Months Later

This project was successful for me and Go Green in terms of visitor numbers and new enquiries. The main aim was to get visitors searching for mainly the following 2 phrases. As that is what Go Green Do, as the Ronseal  advert says “does what is says on the tin”.

  • Groundwork Gloucester
  • Groundwork Gloucestershire

The screen shots below taken on 2nd October 2104 show where the site is on Google search.

Groundwork Gloucester Search

Groundwork Gloucester Google

Groundwork Gloucestershire

Groundwork Gloucestershire Google

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