Ongoing SEO For Any Field Magician, I help magician Andy Field with all his online promotion techniques. I will detail work done a part of a case study of his site

About Andy Field Magician

Andy field is a magician with 2 arms to his business

  • Entertaining guests ant weddings, parties and corporate functions
  • You tube video tutorials and magic displays

Both sides of his business need work for both onsite and offsite SEO.

Social Media Marketing

We decided to compliment ans support Andy in the search engines he would become fully active in a few social networks.

1st YouTube creating magic videos in which he has developed a massive fan base and as YouTube comments are now Google+ he also subsequently has a good social network presence there.

Andy has also embraced Facebook and is very active there especially in terms of promoting his videos, I always think he doesn’t quite promote his wedding and party paid work quite enough.

In terms of twitter @magicianglos has not taken to this at all thing the simplicity scares him, but as a good promotions guy I ensure his message reaches Twitter to especially for #gloshour and  #cotswoldshour some very good local has tags

Google Panda

When 1st building the website we went over the top and had to many similar pages, these were great as ranked number 1 for very low volume searches 1 or 2 per year. After Google released their Panda 4.0 in May the site suffered, it was still getting traffic but 60% normal. As we knew the reduced number of visitors corresponded with this update we knew the solution.

  1. The site had to shrink drastically, most pages were similar so website had to shrink from 10,000 pages. How did we do this?
  2. With a years worth of data from Google Analytics we identified landing pages that nobody landed on, recording the titles if seemed useful for later.
  3. Next we identified the pages with less than 10 landings in the last year, we documented the search terms they ranked for and also kept a copy of the page.
  4. From the left over pages we compared to see if any of them were similar and merged the content.
  5. We then found homes for text we saved from step 3 or made a new page to cover 3-5 of these.
  6. As there were so many pages removed we could not use the Google URL removal tool ten thousand times we let a custom 404 page help visitors and Google gradually removed dead pages, took 4 months in total.
  7. During this time Google web master tools gives you a report on crawl errors, I went through this and if any of the errors showed external links I set up a 301 redirect to the most relevant page now on the site.

We now use a blog on the website for Andy to easily add what he has been up to, some new photos or videos and tips for young magicians. This keeps the site fresh, shows off his latest bookings and the tips generate loads of social shares and links.

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