Ronseal Method For Website Promotion & SEO, You may be or not be aware of Google’s bit to prevent spam or bad websites from appearing in their search results. Well I expect you have searched for something before and got complete garbage or unrelated information. Basically many people have learnt to manipulate where they rank in Google thus you end up finding garbage, not good for you and not good for Google.

The two main ways Google were manipulated were;

Content farms, these are sites that consist of many pages but say the same thing with only one or 2 words changing. This enabled this site to rank for many variations of searches with minimal effort and no satisfaction for the searcher.

Link Spam, if a website links to one of your pages search engines consider that in a positive light, its like a referral, the site is saying this guys OK and the page is great.  All very well but many people realised this and created or purchased links from anywhere, thus creating an artificial reputation for websites, again distorting search results.

Google’s Response

As a result of the 2 abuses above Google released 2 algorithm updates called Panda & Penguin, I’m not going to elaborate on these 2 much but;


Panda is now a monthly update that identifies sites with poor, copied or duplicate content and then Google issue a Panda slap where sites lose lots of visibility and visitor numbers drop. I have had panda penalties before on only my personal sites, I have a habit of creating a site structure will all pages then fill in the content. The sites were getting a fair amount of traffic but were garbage due to being incomplete so no complaints here. How I recovered from Panda, basically I either;

  • Deleted page if that was easiest option and creating content would be more work than I could handle. I kept a record of deleted pages as they were once a good idea to make so they will be a good idea to make properly in future.
  • Deleted all tags on affected and unaffected WordPress sites.
  • Checked traffic landing on category pages, any low or no lands were all deleted or merged.
  • Checked for similar pages and posts and merged to the page/post with most shares or incoming links.
  • Revisited all pages and posts and improved and added to shorter higher risk pages.


Penguin is an update which identifies websites that abuse links to their site, thus bringing their reputation back to where they should be or lower as punishment. I have never suffered from a Penguin penalty but told they are very difficult to recover from.

Ronseal Method

This is why I will only use what I call the Ronseal method, as all of their adverts state “Does What It Says On The Tin” I do all my sites using the same principle.

Ronseal Advert

I ask what is the website selling or about ?

We can then create a list of primary pages about the product or service, and set about creating the best page on the internet about the title of the page. No copied stuff that I usually get supplied by customers, you wouldn’t believe how many copied sites i get, usually copied from what would be rivals in another town. No unique and informative is the only we proceed now, takes longer but works.


I then ask my circle their opinions on the product or service, I listen carefully for questions they ask about the subject, this is content we have missed. Also ask business owner most common enquiries by, phone, email or social media. Have we answered them ? If not this is new content to create.


If products are being sold it is common for websites to use manufacturer descriptions, we will not do this, it adds no value to the internet and no value to your website promotion. We will come up with a strategy or personality to describe all products in the catalogue. Thus keeping site unique and stands out when people read something a bit different.


Do we use stock photographs the answer is where possible no and if we have to we must edit in some way to make unique. Photos must also be named with relevant names with relevant tags and descriptions to get the best out of them.

Link Building

If someone wants to link to your site it is their choice but best not to beg, buy or swap any they will arrive naturally.

One of the most important links you will get are on social media If someone asks for a recommendation for a product or service and they point people to your site that is great.

If your supplier doesn’t deal straight with the public they sometimes have a find local supplier page make sure you are on this type of page these are nearly guaranteed leads.

French Websites

We are learning about the way the internet works in France via our friends at @futurerooms and their new French website.

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