There are many local social media management companies in Gloucestershire and are well connected locally. #SmartNetworking or Smart Business Networking is a growing company with a national reach including its daily dose of #SmartNetworking.

Social Media Management Gloucestershire

Social Media Management Gloucestershire

If you have dabbled in social media in Gloucestershire you probably are connected with many of the locals that a Gloucester or Cheltenham based agency would connect you with.

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What Social Networks ?

There are so many different social networks to choose from, this is where it gets daunting for many companies. You cannot use them all as time and budget will not allow this. Amanda’s first decisions with you will be choosing the right platforms for your business. The most common include;

  • Twitter – Summary of SN goes here _ToDo.
  • Facebook – Summary of SN goes here _ToDo.
  • Instagram – Summary of SN goes here _ToDo.
  • LinkedIn – Summary of SN goes here _ToDo.
  • Pinterest – Summary of SN goes here _ToDo.
  • Google+ – Summary of SN goes here _ToDo.
  • YouTube – Summary of SN goes here _ToDo.

National Social Media Marketing

Due to the internet and social media doing business outside of Gloucestershire is easier and getting more common. If your business is visible, appears professional and knowledgeable then gaining work from anywhere is possible.

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Social Media Management

#SmartNetworking offer a comprehensive social media management service for any company and will initially work with you to create the right service. Any new products/services or offers your company may have should be shared with #SmartNetworking so their next posts can promote.

Once the plan has been created your input will be reduced to;

  • Keeping #SmartNetworking updated on products & services.
  • Promptly giving SN answers to queries asked via these networks, this enables a quick and knowledgeable response, leading to a good perception of your brand.
  • Maintaining your company blog or news page, this can also be managed by #SmartNetworking. Why should you have a blog ?

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Social media training including Twitter training for companies in

  • Gloucester
  • Cheltenham
  • Tewkesbury
  • Coleford
  • Stroud

Core Services

  • Social media management
  • Social media marketing
  • Social media training
  • Social media help
  • Twitter Management
  • Twitter for my business
  • Twitter training
  • Facebook management

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