I’m a great advocate of using Twitter promotion to network with potential customers and have had great success promoting various small business’ that i help with SEO and web marketing

Twitter Promotion – A common Mistake By Small Companies

I always like to help a small business owner manage their own Twitter campaign as they are generally best placed to answer enquiries very efficient and accurately.  You as a Twitter user are building relationships with both potential customers, existing customers and possibly future project partnerships, you should treat Twitter relationships just like any other you have in the real world.

In the real world You;

  • Present yourself in a professional manner. You should also be personable but professional on social networks.
  • Don’t always talk about yourself, nobody on social networks or in the pub like people who always talk about themselves, ask questions, advise on matters not only related to you.
  • You recommend people for other services that you trust, recommending another Twitter company can often get you recommendations back, but can reinforce that you know your stuff and have peoples best interest at heart.

The Most Common Mistake

In my opinion the most common and damaging Twitter promotion mistake is not correctly filling in your BIO,  you may have followers, you may regularly contribute but people looking at your account know nothing about you because you haven’t added at least one of these;

No Location Details – Your town or county, people like to buy local or use local services.  If your profile has no location information potential customers don’t know you are based just near them.  Also is your location is not added how can people recommend you when associates ask for recommendations.  I understand some companies are trying to capture an UK audience, but some people don’t add UK or UK wide to their profile.  I have found twitter profiles for pubs, with no town name and no website address, how is this useful?

No Website address – If you don’t have a website address or location this makes a twitter account nearly useless as why would people enquire to someone they don’t know where they are and there are no contact details.  People like to take the easy way, why would they enquire if you cover their area when someone else says they do.

You don’t need to have a website, just add the web address of somewhere with your contact details, this could be another social network profile or even an advert for your business on a website such as the free adverts on @inandnear.  “Add Free Advert”

The Solution

  1. Add your town, county  or country to your twitter profile.
  2. Add a link to your website or somewhere with your contact details.

One thought on “Small Company Twitter Promotion, a Common Mistake

  1. Ruth Tyger says:

    I agree 100% people really do need to add their website information and a little tidbit about their site or product but I wouldn’t just post ads on the twitter file which I see many people do. I would socialize and maybe post some links to information to bring them back to the site where they can look around and purchase if they wish to.

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